Wednesday Macro ~ Christmas!

Wednesday Macro ~ Christmas!

We had a typical aussie surf’n’turf today with totally fab marinated prawns cooked on the bbq 😀 yum yum.
Christmas checklist:
– Family lunch
– prawns, salad etc
– totally alcoholic rum balls love from nanna
– swim with the cousins (all four of them under 6 and I was assigned kidsitter)
– get sunburned
– sleep off food coma
– assemble and master slot car track
– get a hair makeover from the girls
– have another swim

I am quite surprised there were no tears with the kids… very impressed XD hahahah

funny moment: when my granddad and I were tinkering away with the slot cars we were called over by the parents to help with food when he just yells out, ‘NOPE! WE’RE ENGINEERING!!’ ohhh it was hilarious and we weren’t called over after that XD

I hope everyone else also had a lovely Christmas day 🙂

PS: Happy birthday dad!!
PPS: the more I look at this photo the grosser it looks… oh well!!


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