Car times home sweet home

Car times home sweet home

Today I drove back home from Woodgate, it was a tedious 400km… Driving through thunderstorms are terrifying. I also beat my speed high score (not during the thunderstorm geezus), I got up to 140km/h overtaking various cattle trailers on a 2-lane highway near Childers 😛

This photo (I wasn’t driving of course) we were on our way to my aunties house and there was a pretty sunset, I had nicer views in other photos i took but this was the only one in focus. *sigh*


3 thoughts on “Car times home sweet home

  1. haha i read this and you know me, had a mini heart attack out of worry of you driving in the rain…oh dear lord someone save us all 😛
    oh and btw, i finally started (so so late) learning to drive and in my second hour my guy was like let’s swing up here and i was like kay and it turned out to be the motorway and i was like…i can’t even steer straight yet and you’re making me go at 100km/hr? great, let’s go! 😀

    • oh Jolie you always continue to amaze me with your craziness… on my first driving lesson, walk out of the test when mum says ok drive me home… btw that includes the motorway GEEZUS so yeah… not even 5min experience when bam… goin fast yo XD

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