Wednesday Macro ~ Frangipani spirals

Wednesday Macro ~ Frangipani spirals

I nearly had another totally boring day. BUT I decided to go explore my neighbourhood, so with a quick stop off at the local cafe for a croissant and ice-chocolate off I went.

Here is my rather lame recount of today’s events:
I stopped off and played at every swing set of 3 parks, then I found what I was searching for… the reservoir. The dilapidated, ‘TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED’ sign out the front loomed in my mind but I came to the conclusion that rules are meant to be broken XD. So after a super fun/adrenaline filled exploration while dodging workers I was walking out of the facility when some workers in a truck went past me and and talked to me, not caring at all that I’m civvie. Seems that people don’t actually care hahaah yessss. Then I walked in search of a forest nearby but every street I walked down was a no through road and so I got mildly lost 😛 but then I eventually found my way at another familiar park in which the swing set was made use of. I think I have an obsession with swing sets…

During my travels I found a frangipani tree and I thought this was pretty ^_^

Despite work today has been a good day


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