City Silhouettes

City Silhouettes

We has a farewell party for our Venturer Leader Therese tonight… twas a happy night for a sad occasion. But today I helped make dinner (for the party) at a fellow venturers house, helped with shopping for our camp (see below) and also bought Brisbane’s best Turkish Delight as a gift for Therese. So my satisfaction from giving today is at an all time high ^_^

I will be away for the next 5 days as we are all going camping up in Landsborough for Bek’s 18th. Will be super fun 😀

I took this photo up at another reservoir tonight while us venturers were looking at the amazing views it was basically pitch black so i had to hold the camera super still so the shutter wouldn’t blur, took many tries XD

I really need to get a tripod…


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