Landsborough – Caloundra Summer Camp

A fellow Venturer, Bek, organised a summer camp for us as she is leaving soon in February. We caught the train up to Landsborough, then walked the 40mins to the Rocky Creek Scout Campsite while our leader took our bulky gear up on his truck. Upon arrival, we see about 200 scouts that weren’t our Australian uniforms! We realised they were mostly Australian kids but were involved in the Polish scouting movement, they were from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Later that day we were invited to their campfire songs night which was one of the most adorable nights of my scouting life, I was pulled into a polish dance, while Bek was chosen in a Polish kissing song game (SO CUTE). They had one thing that Australian scouts lacked, tradition. They had the traditional uniforms, they were disciplined (marching?!?), they sang songs, and they all respected their elders. There was the traditional lighting of the fire by an old scout who started scouting in Poland in 1945, there were hymns, then scout songs, it was really a beautiful experience and I’m not sure if I will ever witness it again 🙂

1 polish fire

These were the knots of the Boy’s Camp of the Polish part, quite pretty I thought but oh those square lashings? they must be redone they would never pass for a knot here in Aus.

2 knots

In the mean time, our fabulous knot tying was established by our home made park bench, actually super comfortable.

3 our bench

This is today’s Wednesday Macro: I nearly walked into this little guy during the night… oh Australia why is everything so terrifying!!

4 spider

This was on our day trip to Caloundra, it is also my new desktop picture. I love it 🙂

5 caloundra sky

Taken on the top of the King’s Beach spider web playground good fun, perhaps the reason for my sunburn.

6 caloundra climb

Follow the ribbons!! This was the message the Polish were telling us on how to get to their concealed campsite ^_^

7 follow the ribbons

One of the Polish scouts, Alex, unknowingly was the model for this fabulous shot of me being artsy… isolation in the harsh Australian environment perhaps?

8 alex alone

Anyways… I had a wonderful time being a scout, still plenty more to do!


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