Mt Barney Hike

It’s been so long since my last post! What have I been up to… Hiking and family time! DSC01494

This was the view from the bottom of Mt Barney’s famous Lower Portals. A series of rockpools and waterholes following a creek down the mountain.


This particular waterhole was so deep, you could have so much fun jumping off rocks.


I love the colours in this photo…


Alex looking out over the creek, was a great view.


The rare Rock Wallaby. We were told it was extremely rare to see these so low down the mountain, we saw two.


I just love ground shots.


I got up at sunrise to take a nice photo… given The horizon was up a mountain, the best i got was a reflection of the pink clouds.


My ‘desperado artsy’ rock stack. I guess this will be as close as it gets for a wednesday macro.


Aaron testing out his face camo.


After the hike we went for a drive to the dam, water-skiers in the distance.


Old hut on a property off the mountain, I love this photo.


4 thoughts on “Mt Barney Hike

  1. love the one with the pink cloud reflection shot — go go nature shots ^^
    and definitely love the super zen shot of the artsy rocks 😀
    as always, fab photography ollie!

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