Yay Australia ^_^

Yay Australia ^_^

All of what you thought about Australia is true… jokes. Mind you in this particular town, Woodgate, the local kangaroos raid the place at precisely lunch time (around 11ish), maybe the grass is juiciest then? Who knows. But yeah, whoever’s house has the greenest grass is sure to be bombarded with kangas. Just another day in the life of a typical Australian… well Woodgatian, you don’t see many of these in the city. But all foreigners with a fear of spiders? They are everywhere, country and city. I looked in the cupboard today to find a red back spider, very venomous, what to do? Put it in a tupperware container and leave outside to scurry away and find a new home, away from my baked beans please.

~funny story~ As a kid we went to a town called Port Douglas (very pretty, next to great barrier reef) and my friend and I convinced some americans every member of the Australian royal family has their coronation at this tiny little chapel on the main street of the town. They totally bought it and it was great. 😀

You can say that our imaginary royal family acquired celebrity status with this couple xD


21 thoughts on “Yay Australia ^_^

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  10. Kangaroos are cool. i remember visiting Australia … way back now when I was a gap-year traveller … and going out in the bush on quad bikes. The kangaroos were jumping over the tracks in front of us totally unconcerned! 🙂

      • I stayed in Sydney for about a month and then did the typical backpackers trail up the east coast to Cairns. Favourite memories were in a place called Coff’s Harbour where I did a diving course and Mission Beach just because I could walk around in the street without any shoes on! (strange the things that stick in your mind) Nice country 🙂 Cairns was cool too, I stayed there a few weeks and went diving a few times on the Great Barrier Reef.

      • That sounds like a fabulous trip 😀 I did a similar course last year with venturer scouts from cairns to to top of the peninsular. Hahaha most towns in Queensland you can walk bare feet, but not so much in summer, even your flip flops (we call them thongs here) melt ^_^

      • Fun 🙂 I did it from March to June / July ish so it was your winter. For an English guy still seemed like summer though! Fortunately my ‘thongs’ didn’t melt!

      • Winter is great as it is the dry season (and mild, not cold), but summer is amazing to watch storms, as we have one about once a week. But up north, like Darwin, they have a scorching day then have a thunderstorm in the afternoon.

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