Pillow Forts

Pillow Forts

I had the craziest day today, all with venturers.
– Go to Magistrates Court with Bek and Zach
– Watch several biker gang members get prosecuted for possession of loaded guns
– Watch drugos openly lie about not knowing about their possession of xanax
– Watch a creeper call the judge ‘your majesty’ instead of ‘your magistrate’ even when you are supposed to say ‘your honour’
– Watch another 5-6 cases over the 2 hours when we were in court… why you ask? For a badge of course
– Spend another 5 hours window shopping for the perfect birthday present for our fellow venturer, Brandy.
– Attend Brandy’s surprise birthday party at one of the scout dens
– Build mattress fort
– Receive 3 badges for being an awesome venturer scout
– talk to new venturers to find out that in the (younger) scout group and cub group that the scout named of Muffin is a local legend.

So apparently I am a legend within the scouting community?
Today was a good day 😀


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