Pancakes and Open Day

Pancakes and Open Day

Today was scout Open Day at my local group. So this morning my best friend came over and I payed him in pancakes to help me out in controlling the scouts/talking to interested parents about scouting for the day. He was only mildly impressed with my pancake stack…

Overal the open day was a great success ^_^ I lead the damper base where we started a fire (the cub scouts were so helpful in finding firewood for us) and basically took advantage of every child’s inner pyromaniac. David (my scouty friend) and I showed parents and hopeful future scouts most of our event badges we could find and put on display, explaining the meaning behind each one, and watching the parents say to their kids, ‘see? If you go through with it you can get all these and remember the stories behind them.’ Which was adorable. After that we had a giant game of tug-of-war with scouts v cubs, youth v leaders, and david v me (we were the only venturers). Who won? Me of course 😀

Just like yesterday, today was a good day.


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