Keen for Urban Challenge 2014!

So next weekend is Urban Challenge, last time it was on my team and I won! This year as team leader I have every intention for us to win 🙂 Urban Challenge is an Amazing Race type camp for venturers run by rovers, from Friday to Sunday. There are bases to go to to get points, as well as ‘road blocks’ which are teams of rovers who force us to do weird challenges (sing in public etc). Also there is a photo challenge, and a collectors challenge (find required items listed in our info books) Some pictures from the last ‘pirate’ UC


DSC02480We had to abseil down the kangaroo point cliffs, super fun with a nice view of the city



DSC02532had to take a photo with a dinosaur (did a few)








DSC02577We also had to commandeer a ship (used a city hopper)

DSC02580went to scout central at the top of the cliffs! Basically a random hut with a great view



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