my laaaaassstttt picture :'(

So. Ok. Today is my laaast day for this blog. Ever. As a great last night, we had a night with our whole district of scouts, and we climbed a mountain! (Mt Coot-tha… not really sure if it counts as a mountain tbh) so yeah, got to the top, was pouring with rain. My efforts to take an awesome view of my home city were fruitless, which was really sad. Totally out of focus. But! As the good scout I am I came prepared, prepared to photoshop my way out of it 😀 In this case i put in some Osprey helicopters (so cool) and some searchlights, just to make things interesting hahah. So yeah, my last ever photo is a bit anticlimactic, but I’m pretty sure I will upload a review album too soon. To highlight some fun times of this year. Thanks so much to the total randoms who stumbled across my scout blog, and thanks Bek for kicking my butt back into this 😀

DSC03326 copy


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