Summaries and Reminiscing

Alrighty! So as the last picture was my last official post, this one is a summary of the totals, and some highlights of what I did in the few months that wasn’t blogging 🙂 First, catch up photos:


This was taken on the plane to Melbourne at the end of February. Was so cool playing with colours 🙂


Went to Mt Barney again! but this time I organised it. I had to organise 2 camps/hikes for my Queen Scout outdoors badge. We has so much fun lighting fires and basically just exploring the environment again. One of the best camps I’ve been on (that’s saying something considering how many I’ve been on)






I love this, my examiner and friend, Andrew, setting up our lunch fire next to the waterhole (the same one from earlier photos). A french family also were there and we gave the kids pancakes, they were so excited. But yeah, this photo is so great with the contrast of how small Andre is compared to the cliff and tree, and yes that cliff went much higher.


The only 3 things you need while comfortably camping 😉 A zippo, a ka-bar, and some quality hutchie chord 😀


Took this on the first night of Dragonskin 2014. This is a camp down in NSW in Newnes State Forest. There was a massive party before the Venturers came, and all the smoke from the fires made some awesome shadows with the trees. 


I tried tilt shift photography for the first time with my camera, kinda vaguely worked haha, I still love this photo.


Our fellow happy camper, Chopsie the goat, had a fabulous time helping us man our base. Have so many funny stories with this goat hahah.


On our last day of Dragonskin, we walked the venturers a few kilometres in the early morning to their train. I have to admit more than a few wwii jokes were made 😉 Aside from that, the morning mist and forest outlook was absolutely breathtaking.


Ok, now to the summaries of finishing my blog:



My blog has reached a total of 44 countries! Whaatttt!?!?! I reckon I achieved this by uploading and tagging to the official WordPress site a couple of times. But still I think this is so amazing that a random girl from Brisbane can go this far with a basic photo blog 😀

totals 1


Also! I managed to get people to like me so much that I got 23 followers! I reckon that is also quite amazing.

totals 2


So overall, I got over 1000 views from my small blog, reached nearly 50 countries, with my 62 posts and even acquired over 20 followers. I find this remarkable. I definitely do not regret it and wish I did more! This experience has taught me lessons in commitment and dedication, certainly how to make the most out of your day, why not experience something instead of sitting at home?! Just simply walking outside can transform your day from a bummer to an adventure! So my original goal was to keep this blog going for 3 months, well I started with 2 and took a break, then 6 months later I finished it off. I see the world in a new light now, most things I see, I try to imagine it as a photograph. It certainly keeps me on my toes! 

Ok, signing off now

Thanks for everything 😀 

Muffin xoxox


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