my laaaaassstttt picture :'(

So. Ok. Today is my laaast day for this blog. Ever. As a great last night, we had a night with our whole district of scouts, and we climbed a mountain! (Mt Coot-tha… not really sure if it counts as a mountain tbh) so yeah, got to the top, was pouring with rain. My efforts to take an awesome view of my home city were fruitless, which was really sad. Totally out of focus. But! As the good scout I am I came prepared, prepared to photoshop my way out of it 😀 In this case i put in some Osprey helicopters (so cool) and some searchlights, just to make things interesting hahah. So yeah, my last ever photo is a bit anticlimactic, but I’m pretty sure I will upload a review album too soon. To highlight some fun times of this year. Thanks so much to the total randoms who stumbled across my scout blog, and thanks Bek for kicking my butt back into this 😀

DSC03326 copy


Wooo Nighthawk!

Man this year was sooo good 😀 As my last year before I became too old im so glad I was also unit leader, and we came 3rd out of 100 or so teams! *cough cough* so proud :’)



Sunset before we head off! (we weren’t to leave till about 9:00PM) Camping again, in the middle of nowhere, still pretty sunsets 🙂

DSC03299Hiking Fog. Took this at about 2:00AM. Navigation by compass and torch got harder but hey we were nearly home. Was absolutely epic to hike through totally loved it


We won!!

we won urban challenge this year!!! check out some sweet pics


DSC03221Zach and his finger handlebar moustache 

DSC03238Playing leapfrog with some random children we found


DSC03260Whale selfies

DSC03271wrapped up some more kids in newspaper

Sky Trails

So I finally made it, not the best photo I have ever done, the tripod was kicked a few times during the 45 mins. But I have to admit I am incredibly proud of my impromptu tripod, made out of sticks and hutchie cord. star trails 1 tripod


I took a picture of spaaaccceeeeeeee!!!!!

It was a successssssss

Ok so eventually the clouds parted and the night sky was absolutely breathtaking, will definitely come back and do it again!! This photo was done with a 30s shutter and ISO 3200, plus the greatness of the Southern Hemisphere made the sky infinitely better than you plebs in the North 😉

As I’m still away from home I don’t get to make my sky trail photo yet… but will tomorrow!!


Leyburn Observatory Camp

Ok so I’ll be away for the weekend, camping of course! (Man I do way to much of that).

We’ve set this camp up so it’s in line with the new moon, + Leyburn is pretty much far away from everything so we wont have much light pollution = fabulous photos!!!

This is a picture of the last time i took a photo of night time, at Operation Archer in March this year, see the aeroplane? I think that shutter was on 30s, other details I have no idea.

Glen Rock Hiking

Last week I went with some buddies to get some hiking done out at Glen Rock State Forest 🙂 It was pretty lax in regards to routes, first day we followed the creek for about 11km and found an old abandoned stock yard (for cattle). On the second day we set out to actually reach the summit of Glen Rock, we were about 250m away when my friend chickened out (it was a rather death defying ascent). So yeah… these are my favourite photos I took, the first is following the river and we had some awesome cloud cover + sunlight at the same time, and the other I took at the highest point we reached, the view of the valley beyond. I like how a high contrast creates drama.



VenMX Hiking

venMX hiking


There is this (supposedly) annual camp for venturers called VenMX. I say supposedly because it was cancelled last year… but I took this 2 years ago (yes I was again reminiscing through old memories) and man it was a fun camp.

Mainly because my friend Brandy and I were the only people from our group so we were put with 4 boys from another area and we had a super fun 50km or so, probably the best scenery I have ever seen on a hike. At one point we climbed up a rock face to find a full 360 degree view of the Great Dividing Range. Not like Australia’s mountains are really that great anyway :/

So yeah this is a picture I took mid hike, of a rather nice view of whatever hill/mountain/part of the range it is.

Pillow Forts

Pillow Forts

I had the craziest day today, all with venturers.
– Go to Magistrates Court with Bek and Zach
– Watch several biker gang members get prosecuted for possession of loaded guns
– Watch drugos openly lie about not knowing about their possession of xanax
– Watch a creeper call the judge ‘your majesty’ instead of ‘your magistrate’ even when you are supposed to say ‘your honour’
– Watch another 5-6 cases over the 2 hours when we were in court… why you ask? For a badge of course
– Spend another 5 hours window shopping for the perfect birthday present for our fellow venturer, Brandy.
– Attend Brandy’s surprise birthday party at one of the scout dens
– Build mattress fort
– Receive 3 badges for being an awesome venturer scout
– talk to new venturers to find out that in the (younger) scout group and cub group that the scout named of Muffin is a local legend.

So apparently I am a legend within the scouting community?
Today was a good day 😀